Product Development/Case Moulds and Resin Moulds for Pressure Casting

The Complete Service


All block moulds are slip cast in our production facilities by our process technologists in a manner most appropriate to their final operation.

Any required modifications are carried out such that the product conform to the customers expectations.

We have a team of 12 highly experienced modellers who design and model products still using traditional skills and materials but combined with state of the art technology.

Models/blocks are manufactured to satisfy all of the stringent worldwide standards.

We have also carried out contracts in other areas of the whitewares and heavy clay ceramic industries.


With a team of ten technically skilled, casing personnel we cancan produce cases from plaster of our very latest ‘hybrid’ aluminium/rubber case moulds, and using innovative engineering, all our cases are designed to withstand the extracting demands of any moulding department.

We value engineering and have developed cases which are very simply and reliably reassembled for the next production mould to be produced.

Process Development

Once block moulds, cases or complete casting systems have been delivered to our customers site, we have available a team of four much needed process development technicians who can ensure a complete interaction into the factory production process.

This process commissioning facility enables factory personnel to be trained in mould making, capillary mould making and capillary casting to productivity standards jointly agreed by our customers and ourselves.


With the Worldwide shortage of experienced modelling blocking and casting technicians, we have assisted many companies throughout the world in the training of their personnel.

We provide specialists who will reside at the customers site to carry our ‘hands on’ training for the customers technicians for any type of product development. This can be a trouble shooting exercise on existing products or producing new models and case moulds.

We have the facilities and staff to train personnel at our various workshops.

The training can be tailored to except trainees new to the industry or skil ed professionals requiring and introduction in to a new process.

Experiential learning at our centres gives freedom from time consuming day to day problems and gives the trainees time to understand the processes before they are introduced in to the customers factory.

Capillary Casting

We have developed an extremely simple method for the manufacture of capillary moulds.

Using the customers existing case mould and only needing to modify the back of the case mould the ‘Bricast’ system is quickly installed.

Conventional mould drying is eliminated using the ‘Bricast’ purge system. The mould is then ready for use in the cast shop within 30 minutes of being produced.

The One Piece ‘One Piece’ Closet

This system has been developed to eliminate the many parts that need to be stuck together to form the traditional one piece closet.

The closet is cast on a ‘Britech Engineering’ Casting System which can also incorporate the Bricast Capillary System, thus giving the opportunity for multiple shift casting.


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